ACCHE is made up of families who enjoy getting together on a regular basis for activities and educational opportunities.  We average around 200 member families with over 400 children of all ages each year.

The benefits of an ACCHE membership are far reaching!  As a member, you will be able to participate in events and activities with other ACCHE members, such as field trips, roller skating, park days, Field Day, etc.  We also have age-specific events such as Prom, English Country Dance, and Graduation.

You will be added to our email loops through which you will be kept informed of our events, be able to buy/sell curriculum; ask questions about homeschooling; and much more!

Members are also invited to join our private Facebook group where we share encouragement and connect with each other.

Your ACCHE yearly membership fee is per family and helps to cover/contribute towards expenses such as our Kick Off, Field Day, Graduation, insurance, and hosting costs for this website, etc.