Activity Guidelines

While we do monitor all emails and activities advertised in the group, please remember that a posting to the ACCHE group email is not in any way an endorsement of the advertised activity, product, or service, by the ACCHE Board. Please take the time to do your own research about each event and take charge of your children’s safety if you choose to drop them off anywhere.


  • If an activity is not ACCHE member exclusive it must be noted when the event is submitted by the coordinator so that it can be posted as such on the ACCHE calendar.  ACCHE reserves to right to choose what non-ACCHE events will be posted on the calendar. 
  • Make sure it is God-honoring, supportive of homeschooling, and beneficial for and open to ACCHE members.  If music, photo, or video is involved we ask that it be modest and/or Christian in nature and never contrary to our Statement of Faith.
  • No permission needed from the Board to plan an activity. If it does not meet the requirements above, the Board reserves the right to disallow you from advertising your activity on ACCHE’s email loop and calendar.
  • Need funding? Submit a request to the Board ( at least 30 days in advance for member exclusive events. 
  • Submit the event on the Event Submission Form. Include dates, times, venue address and details, organizer contact information, price, registration details with RSVP info if applicable, and any other pertinent information including if this is an ACCHE exclusive event or not.
  • Have a simple “check-in” sheet (names only) for any teens attending without a parent for safety and liability purposes. If you aren’t able to attend for some reason please appoint another parent to handle this for you. 
  • To advertise the event, add the event to the activity forum  Clearly state any RSVP requirements.  Please include a link to our calendar page.
  • Need help planning an event or have questions?  E-mail

Activity Protocol:

  • Activities that are listed as “open events” on the calendar are not ACCHE member exclusive events.  This means that some participants may not have had to accept and abide by the ACCHE’s statement of faith and activity guidelines.  
  • Children should be under the supervision of their parent(s) at all times, at all activities. The parent is responsible for the child’s behavior. Supervision of children is necessary for the safety of all of our children.  *Members assume all risk with activities, we always encourage parents to stay with their children for this reason.
  • If you have a teen that is attending the activity without a parent we ask that they sign a  “check-in” sheet with the activity coordinator for safety and liability purposes.
  • The parent may choose another parent to supervise the child in the case of the parent’s absence, and if so, that parent assumes all responsibility for that child’s behavior during the activity.
  • It is the responsibility of each family to clean up after themselves at any event.
     For events that require an RSVP:
    • Do not try to attend if you did not RSVP in time. If you do not RSVP, you will not have a reservation for your family.
    • When leaving an RSVP over voicemail, please leave your name and phone number in case of any questions or extra instructions.
    • Please be at the activity on time.
    • If  an emergency prevents you from attending, please contact the coordinator. If the event involves a charge, you may need to be responsible for finding a replacement or paying the money. This may not be the case, but it is your responsibility to ask.