New to Homeschooling?

Welcome to a great adventure!

You will be happy to know that North Carolina is a VERY homeschooling-friendly state. As homeschooling families, let’s do our part to keep it that way!

Please carefully read and follow the requirements listed on the NCDNPE website.

Please note the difference between “requirements”, “reminders”, and “recommendations”.  The list of actual requirements is very small and is summarized here:

  1. You must have at least a high school diploma to homeschool your children.
  2. You must submit a Notice of Intent to NCDNPE per the instructions on the website, and you only need to do this your first year. You do not need to do this until your first child is 7 years old.
  3. You must keep an attendance record for each year on file at home (here is a link for the attendance form—this specific form is not mandatory, but it is helpful!);  as well vaccination records (if applicable); and administer and keep on file at home results of annual standardized test for each student age 7 and older. (See “Testing” tab for more info).
  4. You will need to choose a name for your homeschool. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to change this, so pick a name that you will want on your child’s High School Transcript! No eighteen year old is going to want to have his/her transcript saying they graduated from “Cuteness Academy”!

It is also very helpful to get connected with other homeschoolers on both state and local levels. Click here for more resources!