Prom Guidelines

  • Attendees must be ages 15-20 to attend.
  • Attendees must be currently homeschooled members of ACCHE to be the “primary attendee.” A “primary attendee” may bring a date who is a non-member, or a non-homeschooler, or a graduate, but one member of the couple must be a currently homeschooled ACCHE member.
  • Attendees are welcome to attend without a date; there will be many people attending without a date and just coming with a big group of friends to have fun!
  • Attendees bringing a date: all couples MUST be male-female pairings.
  • Attendees bringing a date:
    • If both attendees are ACCHE members, each person must go to the website and register separately.
    • If one person is a non-member, the ACCHE member will register his/her date and pay for him/her at the time of registration. the ACCHE member must print out a copy of the Code of Conduct, have his/her date sign it, and email a scan or picture of it to Chrissy Hahn at
  • If a member registers to attend w/out a date, then later decides to bring a non-member date, he/she may go back to the website and register again, adding his/her date. (If you later decide to bring a date who is a member, that date can register him/herself.)
  • The atmosphere of this Prom is intended to be a light-hearted, fun experience; not one of romance. Therefore no excessive PDA (sitting on laps, kissing) will be permitted.
  • Each attendee will be required to sign a contract agreeing to expectations during prom. (here is the form:
  • Attendees must dress according to their gender assignment at birth, male or female.
  • No alcohol will be permitted on campus.
  • Once you arrive at the Prom, if you need to leave for any reason and you plan to return, you must notify, Chrissy Hahn, and let her know when you plan to return and why you need to leave. (This is for safety purposes.)
  • Food: We will be asking attendees to help provide refreshments. A sign-up genius will be sent out shortly.
  • Attire:
    • Gentleman: No jeans, shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops, or sandals. Dress pants and a button-up shirt are encouraged. Ties are not required but encouraged.
    • Ladies: Please remember that the goal is that you feel as beautiful as God made you to be, but also be able to dance freely without exposing yourself. 😊 The word “modest” means something different to every person, so here are some guidelines to help:
      • Strapless, spaghetti straps, two-piece dresses are all allowed, but please be sure that necklines do not reveal inappropriate amounts of cleavage. All ladies are shaped differently and dresses fit differently, but as long as it is clear that your intent is not to show cleavage, you should be fine.
      • If wearing a two-piece dress, when your arms are raised there shouldn’t be more than about an inch or two of separation, so it should be a full-length top piece.
      • Back of the dress: the small of your back should not be exposed; shoot for a few inches above the waistline.
      • See-through, Mesh fabric: if there are portions of the bodice that are a see-through mesh, please be sure that the see-through portions are in line with the preceding guidelines of exposure.
      • Length of the dresses: It is very hard for ladies with longer legs to adhere to certain lengths. Just be sure that your dress is long enough that when someone is walking up the steps behind you, they cannot see up your dress; and another good rule is that when you sit down, most of the back of the top of your leg shouldn’t be touching the chair; the dress should be able to be covering most of the back of your thigh even when sitting. A general guideline is no more than about 3 inches above the knee, but we are not going to be measuring. If you look like you’re having to walk carefully to keep it down, it’s probably too short and I don’t see how you can dance in that anyway!
      • Feminine Pant suits are also allowed; you don’t have to be in a gown.
      • Shoes… Most of us recognize those are for pictures and we quickly kick them off for dancing. :)
      • No shorts, t-shirts, jeans.

Thank you for making this a wonderful prom!

Registration Link for ACCHE Members:

Homeschool Prom 2023 Registration – ACCHE – Alamance County Christian Home Educators